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 President Donald Trump - stops Pelosi

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Wrecked Neck wrote:
tohostudios wrote:
martinsane wrote:
Plenty, all not very positive.

I know I would and need to go back to work. I wish anyone could see the impact this shutdown will have on everyone.

I'm likely to see the impact next week when I fly to Florida to visit my mother.  Even though St Louis airport isn't very big and the one in Florida is even smaller, the news is still advising people to get there 3 hours before scheduled takeoff because TSA workers are calling in "sick".  I can't say that I blame them; who wants to work for nothing?  Even though they've been promised they'll get paid eventually, that doesn't pay the bills now.  And I don't think TSA screeners make much to begin with.
I just flew from Seattle to Phoenix, and got through security in less than twenty minutes. In fact, it was one of the smoothest flights all around I've ever had. Flying home Tuesday morning, I'll let ya know if anything's different.

The TSA line in Florida was enormous but I don't think it had anything to do with the government shutdown.  This is tourist season in Florida plus the shutdown ended the day before I left.  It took about an hour to get thru the line but it did keep moving and since I heeded the warning to get there a couple hours early it wasn't too bad. I blitzed thru the line in St. Louis in about 2 minutes on my way out so I'm pretty sure the long line in Florida was simply typical tourist volume.

"From what I’m gleaning, the problem in America isn’t guns, it’s stupid people."
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President Donald Trump - stops Pelosi
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