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 ICON Discography

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the sentinel
Metal is Forever
the sentinel

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PostSubject: Re: ICON Discography   Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:15 pm

In my ears, all three studio albums have a different sound; but I love all three! I only remember Danger Calling from the 80's as it was on a mix tape someone made for me back then, but I never explored further. Then, a few years back, they re released Night of the Crime and my buddy grabbed it from an online site. Fun bit of nostalgia. I found a nice copy of Right Between the Eyes a few years back for $10 and then grabbed the Axe Killer Warrior's Set of the first two off the bay new for like $30 shipped. Love it. I had no idea that there were two versions of the Night of the Crime. I would like to hear a ballsier version of this Lp; have to see if I can find it on Youtube or something.
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Metal novice
Metal novice

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PostSubject: Re: ICON Discography   Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:33 pm

I thoroughly enjoy the first album, the rest I have never liked. The second album has a few good songs, "Danger Calling," "Hungry for Love," and what is my favorite Icon song, "Out for Blood."

I have learned every song from their first two albums and have been trying to find the time to transcribe them. I did transcribe a full instrument gp5 file to Out for Blood, which I uploaded to Ultimate-Guitar.com. Will have to do the others though at some point.
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ICON Discography
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